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                    We have recently had numerous discipline incidences involving students bringing vapes/oils/and other related paraphernalia to school.  While many adults have had success in using vapes to help them quit smoking, these items are illegal for children to have and will not be allowed on campus.  The problem is primarily at the middle school level, but this message is for all students, regardless of age.


                    Initially, principals assigned ISS as a punishment for first time vaping offenders.  Many, many announcements have been made to educate the students about the legality and dangers of vaping, but have not put an end to the problem. Mr. Ashley, GLMS principal, had a drug task force police officer come to the school and address the students. He told them that since vapes are not regulated by any federal agency, they could be arrested for buying/distributing/or using them. He also told them that they may think they are buying nicotine oil, but it might be something else. There is no way to tell what substance is being used in a vape because the odor is masked to have a pleasant smell. For this reason alone, vaping could be extremely dangerous for anyone.


                    Unfortunately, after numerous unsuccessful positive efforts to end the problem, we now must move to more punitive measures. FROM THIS POINT ON, any student who brings vapes or vaping paraphernalia to school will AUTOMATICALLY receive 3 DAYS OSS, and depending on the circumstances, could receive more.  This information has already been announced to students and they are aware. Please speak to your student(s) about the dangers of vaping and ensure they do not bring any of these materials on campus. We thank you for your assistance with this matter.



Melody Day,


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