Student Code

As a student at Chickamauga Elementary:
1. I will show respect for others and myself.
2. I will be honest and kind.
3. I will be a good listener and do my best every day.
4. I will be responsible for my actions.
I make Chickamauga a special place to be!!!

 Attendance and Tardies

Everyone should try their best to be at school everyday!  All students should be in the classroom by 8:00 A.M.  In order to be counted present for the day, students must stay until 11:30.  If you are absent, you MUST BRING A NOTE EXCUSING YOUR ABSENCE WITHIN 3 DAYS OF THE ABSENCE OR IT WILL BE AN UNEXCUSED ABSENCE.  Please provide doctor’s notes whenever possible.

 Chickamauga City Schools Dress Code

  1. Any appearance which is disruptive to the educational process is prohibited.

  2. Clothes will be in good taste, size appropriate, and will not be revealing.Clothing will not be frayed or have holes.Oversized clothing will not be permitted.

  3. Students should wear shorts only in P.E. class (exceptions grades K-5).Capris must cover the entire knee when seated.

  4. Girls’ skirts must be of modest length.Tights that are knit and form fitting should have skirt-length apparel over them.Skirts with splits that expose the thigh are prohibited.

  5. No strapless tops allowed.Straps must be at least 1 inch wide.Shirts, blouses or tops which reveal a bare midriff when sitting, bending or raising arms are prohibited.

  6. Sweatsuits are not allowed in middle and high school, but are allowed in elementary.No breakaway pants.

  7. Boys must wear long pants (exception grades K-5).Students who wear trousers or slacks that have belt loops must wear a belt.

  8. Males’ shirts must have sleeves (no muscle shirts) and also must be tucked in at all times.No students’ shirt is to be bloused out to give the appearance of being tucked in.

  9. Tee shirts must be tucked in.Jerseys may be worn over acceptable attire but must be tucked in.

  10. Appropriate undergarments are required.

  11. No clothing with the American flag improperly displayed is allowed.

  12. No clothing with profanity, lewd pictures, symbols that are controversial and may be offensive to others, suggestive slogans or advertisements, or logos of items illegal for younger students to purchase (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.).No skulls cross bones, knives, etc. associated with death or dismemberment.No shirts promoting entertainers or groups promoting any of the above.

  13. No wearing of hats or caps inside buildings, no chains, or military utility clothing or hunting clothing allowed of any kind.All students must wear shoes.Boys must wear socks.

  14. Sunglasses (except prescription sunglasses) may not be worn inside school buildings.

  15. No body piercings. Male students will not be allowed to wear earrings.Tattoos and body art must be covered.

  16. Male students shall wear clothing that is male related and shall be prohibited from wearing dresses and skirts.Female students shall likewise wear female related clothing.

  17. Prom attire is formal.Gentlemen shall wear tuxedos or dark suits w/ties.Ladies shall wear appropriate formal wear.Anyone dressed inappropriately will NOT be admitted to the prom.

Boys:  Clean shaven; Haircuts can be no longer than the top of a shirt collar or top of a T-shirt collar; cannot be below mid-ear on the sides, or below the eyebrows.

Boys or Girls:  No distracting hair colors(including feathers, extensions,etc) or style (Mohawk, spikes, shaved heads, etc.). 

No student shall dress or groom where the effect, in the administrator’s opinion, is inappropriate for school.