Principal's Yearbook Message

For ten years, two dedicated teachers have been organizing and creating our yearbook. Both of those teachers have done an excellent job crafting our yearbook year after year. When the opportunity presented itself a few years ago for a change in the way we created our yearbook, I decided to go a different direction. Starting in 2011, Mr. Houston's gifted class creates our yearbook. Mr. Houston and I are very excited about this opportunity for our students. Of course, there is some training involved for students. Furthermore, Mrs. McLeod will be assisting Mr Houston in the areas of money collecting, verifying that yearbook pictures match class rosters, and marketing.

I believe that a yearbook created by the students will be more memorable and exciting. The students with the aid of Mr. Houston will be designing the cover, picking the pictures, and designing  the inside layout page by page. The new student yearbook staff will consist of editors, photographers, and writers. This will be an excellent experience for the students in which they can hone their skills in an effort to maybe one day join the middle and high school yearbook staffs.