6th Grade Supply List and Summer Reading

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6th Grade Supply List
2021 - 2022

Please come with the following supplies your first day of school:
General Supplies Needed for All Classes ALL YEAR:
o notebook paper
o zippered supply pouch to store your supplies
o 1 box colored pencils (12 pencil size)
o 1 box “skinny” markers
o pencils – large supply
o cap erasers
o ink pens – red, blue/black
o highlighters
o glue stick
o pair of scissors
o hand held pencil sharpener   
These are supplies needed to begin the year. Please restock them as necessary throughout the school year.

Supplies to turn in to Homeroom teacher:
o box of facial tissue
o 1 container sanitizing wipes (Clorox wipes)
o Hand Sanitizer

Language Arts:
o All 6th Graders need to get a copy of and read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. (used books are fine)
o 1 composition notebook (specifically for this class)
o 1 red plastic folder with pockets & 3 prongs
o Binder - 1 ½ inches with 3 rings
o Dividers for binder 

o Binder - 1½ inches with 3 rings
o Dividers for binder
o Ruler
o 2 expo markers

o 1 blue plastic folder with pockets & 3 prongs

Social Studies:
o 1 composition book (specifically for this class)
o 1 green plastic folder with pockets & 3 prongs

Study Skills: (Only for students NOT in gifted class.)
o Binder 1 inch with 3 rings
o 5 dividers for binder
o package of dry erase markers (at least 4)
o bottle of glue or a glue stick
o Clorox Wipes for this class
o Box of tissues for this class

o 1 plastic folder with pockets & 3 prongs (any color except those used by another class)

o Students who are not taking band need to purchase a combination lock for P.E.
o P.E. students will need shorts and a t-shirt.
o If you buy deodorant for P.E., it should NOT be white stick or aerosol can. Look for clear solids, gels, roll-ons, etc. instead.
Be sure to shop the Back to School sales!!! Most of these items can be purchased at very inexpensive prices from Walmart and other stores during those sales.


Summer Reading List

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

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